Buffalo Ford.

What: Skirmishes nearby, 11-12 May 1781: Col. John Collier vs. *David Fanning

Other names: Cox's Mill, Coxe's Mill, Willcox's Mill, Willcox's Iron Works

Where: 35.6734, -79.6275

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  • Barefoot, p.385. Ford described as just north of the NC-2628 bridge across the Deep River.

  • NBBAS:Three P. 234. Fanning attacked Collier's militia about 3 miles from the ford.
    Buffalo Ford, North Carolina
    11-12 May 1781

    David Fanning was determined to have satisfaction after Captain John Hinds had hanged two of Fanning’s men. He went after the regiment of Colonel John Collier and Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Balfour of the Randolph County Militia because they were the superiors of Captain Hinds.

    Fanning gathered seventeen of his men over the next couple of days and set up an ambush at Buffalo Ford on Deep River. Two hours after the ambush was in place his scouts reported that Colonel Collier’s militia had been delayed in reaching the river because they stopped to plunder a house three miles away. Fanning immediately rode to the house and attacked the Whigs. The skirmish lasted a half an hour, during which time they killed the captain of the militia and a private. Fanning’s men wounded three others and captured two of the Whigs. Eight horses were taken along with several swords.

    Fanning pursued another group of militia and caught up to them the next morning. He also defeated them, killing four, wounding three and capturing one of the wounded. He also captured their horses. He continued to pursue the survivors, killing one and capturing two more.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for buffalo ford. 4 returns. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing. 5/11/1781. Shown as Cox's Mill. Loyalist victory.

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    Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley. Located by John Robertson.

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