Brier Creek.

Battle, 3 Mar 1779, MGen Ashe vs. *Lt.Col. James Prevůst

Other names:Briar Creek

32.810515, -81.475504 Brier Creek Battle
32.8087754 -81.4864958 Brier Creek Battle Marker at Brannon's Bridge
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  • Brier Cr

  • Brier Cr

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    It is my assertion, and I could be completely wrong, but after having utilized maps from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries (including this very map) that the battlefield is where I have circled on the attached. The Brier Creek bridge that was burnt in early March was apparently at the exact same position as the small bridge there today. Reason I know this is that the road (now a gravel one) was put in over the existing road that had been there since the 1700s. When you correlate the terrain features with the maps, correspondence, etc, from the battle the only place it could have been was the space circled (a low lying area between the two hill features). As for the marshland around the river. That was not there in such a large amount in 1779, as it resulted from the breaking of a damn and the flooding of the Savannah River in the 1930s. Plus I have information that Brier Creek was purposely flooded from time to time to make rich farming la nd in the 1840s. Like I said I could be completely off on this, but having looked it over as much as I have, its my best guess. And yes I have been there, and its tragic - there is nothing of any type of marker there. But its a fun jaunt into the Georgia wilderness.

  • Brier Creek Battle Marker. Located on Brannen's Bridge Rd. at Brier Creek, 11 miles northeast of Sylvania, Ga.

  • NBBAS:One, p.253-262.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for brier creek. . To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing. Shown as 3/3/1779, Briar Creek (Brier Creek), British victory

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