Brass Town

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What:   Burned by Col. Andrew Williamson, 11 Aug 1776

Where: 34.68262 -83.33107 Brass Town

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  • Margaret Mills Seaborn, map, "From 1730 to 1776, Cherokee Indian Towns, Oconee County, South Carolina", 1974, Oconee County Library
    Brass Town, 83 19.96', 34 40.8'
    [This is in NAD27 datum which differs from WGS84 datum by approximately 15m, considered negligible at this confidence level. This plots in GA so location was plotted on SC side of the river.]

    Modified to match above map (meridian added)

    Brass Town

  • "Cherokee Prayer Site Guide, Including atrocity sites, death camps, missions, towns, battlefields, spiritual sites, etc.":
    X 31. Brass Town
    8/11/1776- Destroyed by Williamson's men

  • CPI Map: Cherokee Towns along the Tugaloo River on the Georgia / South Carolina #31. Large.

  • James Gettys McGready Ramsey, The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Its ..., 1853, John Russell, p.163
    To inflict suitable chastisement upon the Cherokees, several expeditions were at once made into their territories. Colonel McBury and Major Jack, from Georgia, entered the Indian settlements on Tugaloo, and defeating the enemy, destroyed all their towns on that river. General Williamson, of South- Carolina, early in July [1776] began to embody the militia of that state, and before the end of that month was at the head of an army of eleven hundred and fifty men, marching to meet Cameron, who was, with a large body of Esseneca Indians and disaffected white men, encamped at Oconoree. Encountering and defeating this body of the enemy, he destroyed their town and a large amount of provisions. lie burned Sugaw Town, Soconec, Keowee, Ostatoy, Tugaloo and Brass Town. He proceeded against Tomassee, Chehokee and Eustustie, where, observing a recent trail of the enemy, he made pursuit and soon met and vanquished three hundred of their warriors. These towns he afterwards destroyed.

  • Theodore Roosevelt, The Winning Of The West, Vol.I, Chapter XI. "In The Current Of The Revolution--The Southern Backwoodsmen Overwhelm The Cherokees, 1776".
    After all the houses had been burned, and some six thousand bushels of corn, besides peas and beans, destroyed, Williamson returned to his camp. Next day he renewed his advance, and sent out detachments against all the other lower towns, utterly destroying every one by the middle of August[1776], although not without one or two smart skirmishes.[55]

    55. At Tomassee, where he put to flight a body of two or three hundred warriors, he lost eight killed and fifteen wounded, and at Tugelou, four wounded. Besides these two towns, he also destroyed Soconee, Keowee, Ostatay, Cherokee, Eustustie, Sugaw Town, and Brass Town.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75 Brass Town not named
  • Aug 1776 listing
    8/2 - 10/1776 Lower Cherokee Settlements (Sugar Town, Soconee, Jocasee, Keowee, Estatoe) [Brass Town not listed]

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