Bluford Plantation.

Other names: Bluford's Plantation, Dubose Plantation

What: Campsite, Francis Marion 19 April 1782

Where: 33.4529442, -80.0731362 (WGS84/NAD83), Oakland Club / Bluford Cemetery

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  • Former Bluford Plantation is now Oakland Club.

  • Bluford is not found in this region on either the 1773 Cook map, the 1775 Mouzon map nor the 1820 Mills map.

  • This Dubose genealogy site notes that
    DuBOSE, William, Senator from Parish of St. Stephen. Born about 1786 87 in St. Stephen s Parish, the son of Samuel DuBose and Elizabeth Sinkler. Attended Mr. Rogers school at Newport, R.I. graduated from Yale, A.B., 1807. Read law and admitted to S. C. Bar 1811. Lawyer and planter of Bluford plantation, St. Stephen s. Married Laura Stevens in 1813. Justice of quorum. Justice of peace. Commissioner of free schools. Commissioner of public buildings. Commissioner of roads. S.C. House of Representatives, St. Stephens 1808 10. S.C. Senate, St. Stephens, 1825 36. Presidential elector, 1832. Lieutenant Governor 1836 38. Trustee of South Carolina College, 1836 38. Member of Nullification Convention of 1832 33. Vice president, county nullification association, 1892. Member of St. Stephens Episcopal Church. Died at Pineville, between August 31, 1854 will dated , and March 10, 1855 will proved probably buried in St. Stephens Parish.

    His father is given as:

    Name: Samuel Dubose Dr.
             Born: August 28, 1758
          Married: 27 Feb 1784
             Died: April 11, 1811

    and it is presumed that he owned the property before his son. Apparently, "Bluford" was simply the name given the plantation, and not anyone's surname.

  • Mills 1820 Charleston District map:


  • "St. Stephen Parish 1790 Census"
    In his "Reminiscences of St. Stephen's Parish", Samuel Dubose names many of the plantations and owners of early days: Mexico of Major Samuel Porcher, Burnt Savanna of the Marions, Belle Isle of Robert Marion, Peter Couturier's lands, Dr. James Lynah, Bluford of Philip Williams (later of Peter Sinkler and then the Dubose Family),

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  • Francis Marion Orderly Book. Marion campsite 19 April 1782.

  • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion. Not found.

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