Bloody Savannah.

What:Skirmish, July 1781 *Maj. Singleton vs. Loyalists

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Where: 34.0125286 -80.4048583, Bloody Savannah

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  • Mills Sumter map 1821. The only area in the vicinity of Sumter(ville) in which the description "Savanna" was used is marked. The 1:24K topo makes it apparent that the area has swamps nearby and several "bays" or mini-swamps in the area. It is essentially the only candidate for the site. It is 7.3 miles from Sumter. Basis for site selection.

    Bloody Savannah?

  • NBBAS:Three. p.299.
    Bloody Savannah, South Carolina
    July 1781

    Draper wrote of a skirmish conducted by Major John Singleton of Sumter’s partisans. Singleton "with a small squad of Sumter’s men…attacked a party of marauding Tories, eleven in number, at Bloody Savannah, ten miles distant" from present-day Sumter. Singleton "killed ten of the Loyal gentlemen, one of them making his escape by hiding behind a pile of rails."

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