Bledsoe's Station

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What: July or Aug 1780 Bledsoe's Station,Indians killed & scalped Johnson & Mungle,36.399444, -86.320556

Where: 36.399444,-86.320556 Bledsoe's Station

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  • James Gettys McGready Ramsey, The Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Its ..., 1853, John Russell, p.447
    At Bledsoe's Lick, or on the creek near it, two persons were killed : W. Johnston and Daniel Mungle, hunting together on Barren River, the former was killed, and the latter escaped by flight. .

  • GoogleAllbright, Edward, Early History of Middle Tennessee, Brandon printing Company, 1909, p.76.
    This same band of marauders went on up the river to Bledsoe's Station and there killed and scalped two persons: William Johnson and Daniel Mungle. Then after shooting all the cattle they could find about the fort and setting fire to some out houses and fencing they pursued their journey up the river toward Hartsville. On the way they met Thomas Sharp Spencer returning alone from a hunting trip and leading two horses ladened with bear meat and pelts. The Indians fired at Spencer, slightly wounding him. Finding himself badly outnumbered Spencer "stood not on the order of his going" but very promptly dismounted and "went at . once," leaving the horses and cargo to the enemy. He ran through the woods and escaped into Bledsoe's fort. Tradition tells us that when safely inside the station he made but little complaint because of his wound, but grieved long and loud on account of the loss of the horses and especially the bear meat, of which he was exceedingly fond.

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  • ArchiveCarpenter, W.H., History of Tennessee from Its Earliest Settlement to the Present time., Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1854, p.126
    In the mean time parties of enterprising men were exploring the Lower Cumberland; but with the exception of a few families who resided in a picketed station at Bledsoe's Lick on the Sulphur fork of the Red River, ...

  • GooglePutnam, A.W. , History of Middle Tennessee ..., Nashville: 1859. p.89. Click on icon at u.r.h. corner to download pdf.
    As we have already stated, there were eight stations established and settlements commenced in 1780, and the inhabitants or settlers there entitled to "representatives in the Tribunal of Notables" or "General Arbitrators," as follows :
    " From Nashborough, 3."
    "From Gasper's, 2." (Gasper Mansker's Lick.)
    " From Bledsoe's, 1." (Now Castilian Springs.)
    "From Asher's, 1." (Station Camp Creek.) "From Freeland's, 1." (Dr. M'Gavock's or Horticultural Garden.)
    "From Eaton's, 2." (Now Brooklyn, east side of the river.)
    "From Fort Union, 1." (Where Haysborough was.)

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