Bladen County Courthouse

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Captain Robert Raiford led riot at trial involving a loyalist, ? Sep 1782 [? Nov 1782]

Where: 34.62637 -78.605362 Bladen County Courthouse

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  • PJO:
    Here is Bladen County Courthouse. The original courthouse had burned in 1700 and then was rebuilt in 1773, and then burned down in 1800. They rebuilt the courthouse right where the old one stood and the Yankees burned it down. Then they rebuilt it in the same place, and it burned down again in 1893. They rebuilt it again, in the same place, and the new one is there. Hopefully they have a sprinkler system.

  • NBBAS:Four p.87-88:
    Bladen County Courthouse, North Carolina
    September 1782
    In September Captain Robert Raiford of the North Carolina Continental Line burst into the Bladen County Courthouse at the head of thirty men. He attacked Archibald MacLaine with his sword for defending a Tory who was on trial. The mob beat the court clerk for no apparent reason and then moved the riot out into the street. After electing "field officers" the mob marched around the County apprehending Tories without any orders from a higher commanding officer. A warrant was issued for Raiford’s arrest, but he had returned to Greene’s army where he was put in command of the light infantry. A year later Raiford was brought to trial, but acquitted.

  • David Lee Russell, The American Revolution in the Southern Colonies, 2000, McFarland & Company, p.314
    As evidence of the continued fear among the troops that they would not be treated fairly, in November of 1782 a riot took place at Bladen Court House when 30 men led by Captain Robert Raiford of the Continental Line charged that loyalists were being favored in land disputes.
    Date given as November 1782.

  • It is believed that Capt. Raiford had purchased the property of 4 loyalists and put together an estate which was being challenged in the court. This may possibly be found in a JSTOR article.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Sep 1782 listing  9/1782 Bladen County Courthouse. American victory. Per O'Kelley.

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