Black Swamp.

What: Skirmish, Lt.Col. Henderson vs. *loyalists, 22 April 1779

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Where: 32.536307, -81.210412

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  • While this area is named Black Swamp on modern maps, no period map has been found showing a similar name. Period maps (Mouzon, Cook), including Mills 1820 maps, show it as the upper end of an area identified as Palichucola Savanna.

  • NBBAS:One, p.270-1.
    Black Swamp, Yamasee Bluff, South Carolina
    22 April 1779

    Black swamp was a strategic point 25 miles from Purisburgh, which commanded the Yemassee Bluff opposite Abercorne. The bluff was guarded by a company of forty men of the 6th South Carolina Regiment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel William Henderson. On the night of the 22nd thirty Loyalists, painted as Indians, attacked a small six man guard post there. Sumter had written that he believed that there were no Indians involved at all, since all these painted warriors knew how to use the bayonet.

    Henderson sent for the rest of the regiment, “but could not come up with them.” The painted Loyalists burned Captain Joachim Hartstone’s house, where the remainder of the guards were found sleeping. The surprise was complete because neither the guard post nor the rest of the 6th Regiment ever fired a shot. The Carolinians had to abandon their position, but they returned after the Loyalists had left.

    The post at Black Swamp was reinforced with 100 men of the 5th South Carolina Regiment under Lieutenant Colonel Alexander McIntosh. Moultrie requested that the governor send an additional twenty Catawba Indians to Black Swamp to counter the Loyalist raids. When Prévost landed 300 men at Purisburgh on April 28th McIntosh abandoned the post.

  • RevWar75   listing. 22 Apr 1779, Black Swamp(Yamasee Bluff), shown as insufficient info.

  • Black Swamp is approximately 17 miles north of Purysburg (Yemassee Bluff).

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