Black Creek 3
Other names: Society Hill (possible)

Skirmish, *Capt. Alexander McIntosh vs. unknown British (or allied) commandeer. Unknown date, Early 1982.

34.385562 -79.903617 Black Creek 3

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  • Black Cr

  • Terry Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Ten (MS H-2-2)", unpublished, p.29-30:
    The third affair occurred north of Darlington at the crossing nearest to Society Hill, which would correspond respectively to the Pine Log Bridge on the 1825 map and to the U.S. 52-401 highway bridge on the modern map. Captain Alexander McIntosh, who commanded the Patriots here, is said to have performed memorable exploits. Pension statements seem to indicate that there may have been yet another Black Creek skirmish further upstream in Chesterfield County.41

    Footnote 41. Gregg, Old Cheraws, pp. 386-87 and photograph facing p. 386 of the 1925 edition; Robert Mills's map of Darlington District (1825), Letter from Horace F. Rudisill to the writer, February 14, 1975; Pension Accounts of Peter Dubose, Bentley Outlaw, and Nathaniel Jones, National Archives.

  • Alexander Gregg, D.D., History of the Old Cheraws, Richardson And Company, 1867, pp.387,
    In another skirmish on Black Creek, at a point nearest Society Hill, Captain Alex. M'lntosh,* then a young man, commanded the Whigs. A brother of M'Intosh was wounded, and the latter, excited to desperation, killed every Tory he caught. On this occasion, Hughes was wounded. M'Intosh coming up, fired his pistol at him, but did not kill him, and desisted from any further attempt upon his life. Captain Mlntosh was a man of large size, and extraordinary strength and activity. He is said, in one instance, when hotly pursued by the Tories, to have leaped his horse across Black Creek. Many incidents have been handed down of his personal prowess, some of them in this age almost passing the bounds of credibility. A noted character, known long after as Old Mrs. Croly, lived about this time two miles below Society Hill, afterwards in the flat woods on Black Creek. She often harbored the Tories. John Lucas and a few other Whigs once found a party of Tories at her house, who managed to escape. Lucas took her out, and was about to hang her, when Captain M'Infosh and Major John Mikell came up, and by their intercession, caused her to be released. Thus the year 1782 opened, and advanced.

    Footnote: * Captain M'Intosh held many offices of trust in after life, but was not a good manager. He lost his property and died about the year 1828. He was the executor of General M'Intosh. George M'Intosh, formerly of Marlborough District, was his only surviving son."

  • 1820ish Mills Darlington District map:

    Black Creek 3

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