Black Creek 2
Other names: Williamson's Bridge

Skirmish, *Lt. Col. Lemuel Benton vs. unknown British (or allied) commandeer. Unknown date, 1780 (last half 1781?).

34.2707096 -79.7867283 Black Creek 2, Williamson's Bridge

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  • Black Cr

  • Terry Lipscomb, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Ten (MS H-2-2)", unpublished, p.29:
    Benton personally led his troops in a second skirmish higher up on Black Creek, which is believed to be the Battle of Williamson's Bridge mentioned in local tradition; this corresponds to the present bridge on state secondary road 35 in Darlington County, four miles southeast of Darlington.

  • Alexander Gregg, D.D., History of the Old Cheraws, Richardson And Company, 1867, pp.387,
    Another skirmish took place about this time, higher up on Black Creek, Colonel Benton commanding. The Tories were routed and fled, but being overtaken and surrounded, were forced to make a hand to hand fight, suffering very severely. Colonel Benton had no fire arms except his pistols. One man, pressed by the colonel, turned about, and was in the act of firing his musket, but, before he could do so, Benton discharged his pistol at him, missing him, however, then threw it at him and knocked him from his horse to the ground.

  • JP:
    Black Creek Skirmishes 1 & 2 seem to have taken place in the last half 1781 or early 1782.

  • Black Creek 2

  • 1820ish Mills Darlington District map:

    Williamson's Bridge

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