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Blackbeard Island.

What: Skirmish, Captain John Howell, Britannia vs. Capt. Evoy, Cormorant , 24 Apr 1781

Other names:

31.4446, -81.1873 Blackbeard Island, south of
32.0813214 -80.8756655 Blackbeard Island
31.833553 -81.0276046 Great Ogeechee River

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  • 31.4446,-81.1873, Blackbeard Island, south of
  • ACME Mapper.
  • National Map
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  • 32.0813214 -80.8756655 Blackbeard Island
  • GNIS record of Blackbeard Island. Note mapping options.
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  • 31.833553 -81.0276046 Great Ogeechee River
  • GNIS record of Ogeechee River. Note mapping options.
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  • Great Ogeechee River
    Gr Ogeechee R

  • NBBAS:Three. p. 197

    Blackbeard’s Island, Georgia, 24 April 1781

    On the April 24th Captain John Howell was returning with the prizeship Britannia that he had captured on the 14th of April off the Ogeechee River. The Cormorant, commanded by Captain McEvoy, had pursued the Britannia and overtook her. The Britannia struck her colors and dropped anchor. As the boats from the Cormorant were rowing towards the Britannia, Captain Howell fired upon them then slipped her anchors. The Britannia sailed to the south end of Blackbeard’s Island and fought the Cormorant until the late afternoon. Fearing a night attack Captain Howell abandoned the Britannia and ordered her burnt. Howell pardoned his prisoners from the capture on the 14th and abandoned them on the island

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Search for 24 April 1781 (or for blackbeard). To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75  
    4/14/1781 Great Ogeechee River. Shown as American victory.
    4/24/1781 Blackbeard's Island. Shown as draw.

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