Big Savannah.

Other names: Big Glades

What: 23 Feb 1781, *Thomas Sumter vs. Major David McIntosh, capture of supply wagons

Where: 33.70632,-80.63507

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  • Lipscomb, Terry, Archive Names in South Carolina, Vol.24, Winter 1977, p.16-17:
    Sumter established his camp at Manigault's Ferry, two miles below Thomson's, and was refreshing his troops there the following morning when news was received of a large British convo approaching from the south. The Gamecoc hurriedly moved his troops to Big Savannah, a site well suited for reception of the armed escort. The Americans outflanked and overpowered the enemy force, consisting of eighty regulars commanded by a British major, and captured sixteen supply wagons intended for Lord Rawdon's army. The British later charged that Sumter's men kept firing after the white flag was raised.20 According to all accounts, this battlefield was a large open grassy area; one veteran of the action called it the "Battle of the Big Glades." Two accounts of the location are in conflict. One source places Big Savannah only half a mile below Sumter's camp, while another maintains that the site was about seven or eight miles further south, From the circumstances of the battle, this second version is perhaps unlikely. One difficulty involved in accurately identifying this site is that Big Savannah was drained after the Revolution, and hence does not appear on modern detailed map~.21 The site was definitely within the modern boundaries of Calhoun County. The date of the battle was February 23, 1781.
  • NBBAS:Three, p.93.

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  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 2/23/1781 Big Savannah (Big Glades). Shown as American victory.

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