Biggin Bridge.

What: Skirmish, 14 April 1780 BG Huger vs *LtCol. Tarleton

Other names: Monck's Corner.

33.211705, -79.978804 approximated from Judge H. A. M. Smith map. Selected site.
33.211449, -79.977755, projected in OziExpl using Mills Charleston 1820 map.
33.212 -79.976028 150 yards east of old canal

Maps: [map notes]

  • NBBAS:Two, p.139.

  • CBB: " The Biggin in Biggin Bridge and Biggin Church is not possessive, but named for Biggin Hill in Kent, England (site of famous WWII fighter base). Biggin Church is its nickname, it is really the St. John's Berkeley Church. See You have Biggin Bridge and extant causeways on both side of the tailrace canal correct at 33.21213,-79.97433. The Santee-Cooper project dredged and straightened Biggin Creek from the Pinopopolis Dam to the Cooper River to form the Tail Race Canal for navigation and tail race of the hydroelectric plant. Stony Point Landing, about a mile below Biggin Bridge, was the traditional head of navigation of Biggin Creek."

  • CBB: The Biggin Creek basin was extensively dredged to make the extant Tail Race Canal. The creek was about 150 yards east of the old Santee-Cooper canal at this point.

  • JR: From the "abandoned canal" I projected a point 150 to the *east* (090).
    This places the original location of Biggin Creek *between* the old and new canals.
    The map you sent (which is also the one I worked from originally shows the creek to the west of (what I presume to be) the old canal.
    The point I earlier "eyeballed" in, referring to the map you sent is almost exactly 150 yards *west* of the abandoned canal.

  • CBB: Yes, I too noted that Judge H. A. M. Smith drew this map this way in the early 1900s when he was working on his barony articles in the SCHQ. I am really not sure who is correct....the engineers of the Tail Race Canal could have slightly moved Biggin Creek's flow into the new canal; there is no obvious old creek bed in the swamps on either side of the extant old canal at this point. The old canal, very visible, is fairly close to the Moncks Corner side of the swamp at this point. Just note the discrepancy and we will have an opportunity to look at the old Santee-Cooper summit canal engineering map and see what it thinks...

  • Mills 1820 Charleston District map, shows Biggin Bridge to be slightly south of west, and approximately 0.65 miles from Biggin Church. This is consistent with the 1:24K topo map, and is very close to the site selected.

  • The Mouzon Canal Survey map (unknown date) shows Biggin Bridge to be slightly south of west and approximately 0.9 miles from Biggin Church. This distance does not appear to be possible from study of the 1:24K topo map.

  • The site selected for Biggin Bridge is as far westward in the swampy area as one can go before encountering contour lines (indicating area probably representing original elevations not affected by canal dredging operations). This site bears 266 degrees and is 0.685 miles from Biggin Church (the greatest practicable distance that is consistent with the topo map). Basis for site selection.

  • Charles Baxley has provided this annotated Wadboo Barony map. Click on link or image to see full size.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." Search for biggin. 31 instances, some relating to "church', some "bridge", some to both. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing 14 April.

  • Position estimated from above map.
    • On the Acme topo map the abandoned canal can be seen to the left (west) of the modern canal.
    • On the Wadboo Barony map, above, the modern canal is not shown, the abandoned canal is shown, and to the left (west) of the abandoned canal is shown Biggin Creek.
    • Biggin Creek is no longer shown on the modern topo map.

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