Bigger's Ferry.

What: Skirmish, 26 Sep '80, Col. Winn vs. Lt.Col.Tarleton
crossing, 22 Dec '80, Morgan enroute to Grindal Shoals

Where: 35.087641 -81.055908

Maps: [map notes]

  • 1928 Historical Statements... p.58: "Morgan's command of approximately 600 men left Charlotte Town on the 21st of December, reaching the Catawba that evening, and the following morning crossed the river at Biggers Ferry. From thence the march led to Cane Creek, and the following day, the 24th, the Broad was crossed, and on the 25th camp was made on the north bank of the Pacolet, at Grindalls Ford."

  • NBBAS:, not listed.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." 26 Sep 1780. Skirmish. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 No separate listing from that for Charlotte Town for Sep 1780.

  • Comments:
    • The mark taken on site tour with Mike Scoggins is SW of the GNIS coordinates for Masons(Biggers) Ferry. Since this mark was taken from Mason's Ferry Road, is is presumed that the road ran SW to NE. It is also presumed that the GNIS coordinates were taken from a known pre-inundation location.
    • On the 1820 York District Mills map, Mason's Ferry is shown as approximately 1056 feet south of the mouth of Crowders Creek. GNIS shows the mouth of Crowders Creek as 35.0868092, -81.0606315. If Mason's Ferry location is projected S from the mouth of Crowder's Creek, 1056 feet it yields 35.0839, -81.0606, close to the GNIS location for Mason's Ferry and NE of the mark taken on the site tour with Mike Scoggins.
    • On the Mills York 1820 map the road appears to run in a generally SW to NE direction through the ferry.

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    Confidence level: 5