Bee's Plantation

Bee's Plantation.

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What: Skirmish, Catawba vs. *Tarleton, 23 March 1780

Where: 32.7715, -80.4247, Bee's Plantation

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  • 32.76867 -80.43372 Bee's Plantation
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  • Confidence: 3 (of skirmish)

  • 32.7618443 -80.4348246 Ponpon
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  • Confidence: 5 (for Ponpon), 2 (for skirmish)


  • Pon Pon River (Colleton/Charleston Co.) SC
    Pon Pon R Pon Pon R lgd

  • "Diary of the First Presidential Visit to the Palmetto State Washington's Southern Tour Through Coastal Zone", Excerpted from a pamphlet prepared by A.S. Salley, a former South Carolina State Historian:
    [... On Monday May 9, he crossed over the Ashley River on Hampton's Bridge, US Hwy. 17, and headed to Savannah.] [Washington stayed at Sandy Hill Plantation just south of US Hwy. 17 with his cousin Col. William Washington, who had married an heiress of a rice plantation. Even though William had only lived in South Carolina a short time, he had become a very successful rice planter.] [Judge Thomas Bee's plantation was on the road to Jacksonboro now US Hwy. 17. From there, Washington left present day US Hwy. 17 and turned onto, what would become Hwy. 64 heading northwestward. About midway to Walterboro, he turned left on Hwy. 41 and went through Rifter then south to Duharra Plantation.]

  • JP:
    Bees Plantation - On the Edisto across the river from Jacksonboro, SC. Home of Thomas Bees - British surprised & defeated a small force of dragoons at this location. Ref: Names in South Carolina, XXI, pg. 26 Attached is an MS Virtual Earth of Bees Plantation area. I believe this Plantation is now called Pon Pon, just on the north side of Highway 17. On my next trip, I will inquire at Pon Pon. Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton marched his dragoons from Beaufort and joined Paterson on March 21. Two days later, after crossing Pon Pon River (the Edisto River), Tarleton's men surprised and defeated a party of American dragoons at the plantation of Lieutenant Governor Thomas Bee. The lands of this gentleman bordered the Edisto River on its east bank opposite Jacksonboro, and plats in the South Carolina Archives indicate that he owned a sizeable tract. From: Names in South Carolina, Vol.XXI, p.26, 2nd paragraph .

  • Cook's map, 1773. Note Bee being halfway between Jacksonboro and a north-south road. It was also shown on the north side of the east-west road. This is approximately where the community of Osborn is located today.

    Bee's Pl

  • NBBAS:Two, p.127.
    Pon Pon River, Bee's Plantation, Skirmish, Charleston Campaign, 23 March 1780
    Revlist post.
    Note that O'Kelley shows that Tarleton attacked Catawba rather than "dragoons" as indicated in Lipscomb's comments.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Find 23 March 1780. To avoid future long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75  
  • Mar 1780 listing. 3/23/1780 Pon Pon River (Bee's Plantation). Shown as British victory.

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