Beaver Creek

What: Skirmish, *Maj. Wm. R. Davie vs. Loyalists, 22 July 1780.

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34.474601 -80.735508 (NAD83/WGS84), Beaver Creek

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  • CBB: "The resulting attack the next night on Davie's troop at Beaver Creek was probably near here, conf=*, 34.47448,-80.73572 near the site of the old Beaver Creek Presbyterian Church...cemetery extant only...."

  • JP: "I was in Beaver Creek Cemetery as it is the only one close to Beaver Creek and it is in the middle of nowhere also. There is a sign that says "Grave Yard Road" at its junction with Beaver Creek Cemetery Road. The sign is about 30' down the road to the Cemetery, on the right and at the edge of the trees. The Cemetery sits on a knoll that drops off on two sides with a small branch of Beaver Creek about 200-300' running S to N (toward Beaver Creek) on the Flat Rock Road side. With the Patriots traveling from Flat Rock to, I do not know where (Charles, do you have any idea where Davies was going with the prisoners?), the Church or NNE of the Church about 1,500' would have been a good place for an ambush. They would have slowed to cross the branch to continue west and probably would have passed on the north side of the Church (Cemetery). If they were following the low land on the south side of Beaver Creek to avoid all the hills that run N & S in this area travel would have been faster. It seems to me that the most logical place for the skirmish would have been at the branch about 1,300' to 1,500' NNE of the Cemetery." [See map for "Possible skirmish site", above.]

  • NBBAS:Vol. Two p.207-208. 22 July 1780.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..." Search for beaver creek (numerous returns). To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   listing. 7/20/1780 Beaver Creek Ford. American victory.

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Submitted by: Charles Baxley, Jack Parker

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