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Beaufort, Raid, Gen. John Barnwell vs. *Maj. Andrew Deveaux, 4 – 25 March 1782

Other names: Capers Creek, Moss Island Creek


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  • NBBAS:Vol. Four p.39. Beaufort
  • PJO:
    Beaufort, South Carolina
    4 – 25 March 1782

    In late February Major Andrew Deveaux set out from the Stono River with two galleys and a private sloop. His destination was the town of Beaufort. When Deveaux arrived at the town General John Barnwell could not offer any serious opposition with his small force of 50 local militia. Deveaux and the Granville County Loyalist Militia remained at anchor in Beaufort for three weeks while his men recovered Loyalist property.

    The Loyalists were able to recapture a British schooner and searched the neighboring inlets and creeks for more vessels. Deveaux found a sunken privateer in Moss Island Creek and another captured British ship in Capers Creek. He set out with fourteen men in rowboats to recover the ship. Patriot Militia followed the boats and ambushed them near the ship. The ambush lasted fifteen minutes and the only casualties were three of Barnwell’s men who had been wounded.

  • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution.
    Search for beaufort. 21 returns (through Vol.4 No.4), most of interest.

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    Too late for this raid. Search for beaufort. 18 returns relevant to Beaufort. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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  • listing.
    3/4 - 25/1782 Beaufort. Shown as British victory.
    3/13/1782 Beaufort. Shown as insufficient data.

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