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Beatti's Bridge/Drowning Creek

What:Beatti's Bridge/Drowning Creek, Skirmish, Col. Thomas Wade vs. Col.s McNeil & Ray, 4 Aug 1781

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35.04124, -79.459305, Beatti's Bridge (BD)

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  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.310.
    Beatti’s Bridge, North Carolina
    "Piney Bottom Massacre"
    4 August 1781

    Colonel Wade had called out his militia after the massacre at Piney Bottom. He had his men swear that they would not return home until they avenged the death of the boy who was hacked to death there.

    The militia of Montgomery and Richmond County joined Wade because the "flying army" of Colonels McNeil and Ray had driven off the cattle of the Whigs of Cumberland County. The Loyalists then tried to force the Whigs to give up their arms. When Wade had gathered 100 men he rode out to find the Loyalists.

    On a Saturday night the two groups met at Beatti’s Bridge over Drowning Creek. They fired rifles at each other until after midnight, when the Loyalists decided they had enough and withdrew. Wade had four men wounded, while Colonel McNeil had twelve men killed and fifteen wounded.

  • Robert Dunkerly:
    ...Right now I've used Fanning's account, one of the only ones, and by measuring the milage and looking at the terrain, I come up with this site. Also, talked to several locals who have investigated it far more than me. They feel it was here. Other books place it farther south, where 401 crosses....but it seems to be based on inaccurate info. collected in the 19th century. ...

  • RevWar75   listing. 8/4/1781 Beatty's Bridge (Drowning Creek). American victory.

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