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Beattie's/Pratt's Mills.

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skirmish, Beattie's Mill, 21 March 1781, *Col. Elijah Clarke vs. Maj. James Dunlap
skirmish, Pratt's Mill, 3 October 1781, Capt. John Norwood vs. *Lt. Col. Bill Cunningham

34.3201122 -82.4306807, Beattie's Mill
34.30649 -82.440690 Pratt's Mill (JCP)

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  • Terry W. Lipscomb, "SC Revolutionary War Battles", Part Ten, p.12:
    The place where Dunlap's command was defeated was on Hogskin Creek, according to one soldier who took part in the battle. However, some land records tend to support a local tradition that Beattie's Mill itself was an Bold Branch, a tributary of Long Cane Creek. The second location is consistent both with Pickens's statement that the action took place in the Long Cane vicinity, and with a veteran's statement that the site was twenty-two miles from Ninety Six. Hogskin Creek is in Abbeville County between Due West and Honea Path. Bold Branch is in McCormick County about seven miles east of Mount Carmel.

  • From the Tiger Map Server map, Little Hogskin Creek appeared to be about 5 miles long. Since we do not know its location along the creek, the mouth of the creek is the point plotted. The site of a mill could be here or anywhere 2 or 3 miles upstream. Basis of Beattie's Mill site selection.

  • The site of Pratt's Mill on the Mills Abbeville 1820 map is the only location given for the mill, however this is 40 years after the skirmish, so the mill may well have been elsewhere. The mill was plotted on the east side of Little River, 0.423 miles north of its confluence with Big Hogskin Creek.

  • JCP:
    The skirmish at Pratt's Mill was on Little River and the mill used the under shot method of propulsion (no mill pond or dam). It was located in the shoal area of the river just south of the Highway 184 bridge over Little River. The later Pratt's mills were on Hogskin Creek. I hope to have a GPS and photos of the new Historical Marker and the big flat rock where the mill stood on Little River during the Revolution soon.
    Basis for Pratt's Mill site selection.

  • Barefoot: SC, p.140. "mills located nearby along the [Little] river." It should be noted that Barefoot was likely working from local lore as best he could obtain it and would almost certainly have known of the Mills 1820 Abbevile map showing Pratt's Mill, and chose not to use it. Barefoot's "nearby" location is almost 9 miles to the south of the selected locations for Beattie's and Pratt's mills.

  • Map showing the relationship between the related sites:

    Beatties & Pratts mills

    Vol.Three: p.162-164, skirmish, Beattie's Mill, 21 March 1781, *Col. Elijah Clarke vs. Maj. James Dunlap
    Vol.Three: p.171, skirmish, Pratt's Mill ("..8 miles northwest of Abbeville."), 3 October 1781, Capt. John Norwood vs. *Lt. Col. Bill Cunningham. Ref: Lipscomb, Terry W. South Carolina Revolutionary Battles: Part Seven, Winter 1979, South Carolina Historical Society

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    Vol.3 No.1. Lt.Col. James McCall by Sam Fore. Advance to page 11.

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