Bald Head Island   Buzzard Bay

Bald Head Island, Buzzard Bay

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9/6-7/1776 Col. Thomas Polk; 4th NC Regt vs. HM Sloop Cruizer; HM Sloop Falcon; HM Sloop Scorpion; HMS Defiance; Draw.

33.85990 -77.98943 Bald Head Island
33.8962858 -77.9616542 Buzzard Bay

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  • GNIS GNIS record for Bald Head Island, Brunswick County, North Carolina 33.85990 -77.98943. Location basis.

  • GNIS GNIS record for Buzzard Bay, Brunswick County, North Carolina 33.8962858 -77.9616542. Location basis.

  • MyRevWar "September 6-7, 1776 at Bald Head Island, North Carolina"
    On September 6, during the night, Col. Thomas Polk sailed with 150 soldiers of the 4th North Carolina Regiment landed on Bald Head Island. As they were travelling through the woods, they were discovered by 5 sailors from the HMS Cruizer. The Patriots captured the sailors but the alarm had already been sounded. The rest of the shipís crew took refuge at Fort George and fired on the Patriots. The fortís firing alerted the British ships near the island and a relief force was sent ashore. The sloop-of-war HMS Falcon fired its cannon into the woods at the Patriots. This was to give the relief party a chance to arrive safely.
    Polk decided to withdraw his force. As they were leaving, they burned a British cutter so that it would not pursue them. The Cruizer quickly mounted 4 of her 3-lb. cannon aboard the sloop HMS Defiance. Lt. ?? Dickerson, commander of the Defiance, sailed with 5 other ships around the island to block any escape by Polkís force.On September 7, at 1:00 A.M., Dickerson discovered 2 of Polkís boats at Buzzardís Bay, located near the mainland. The Defiance and the Falcon fired into the woods at the bay, but the Patriots returned fire with a 3lb. cannon. This kept the British ships away. The British were unable to destroy the boats and withdrew their fleet before sunrise.

    Conclusion: Draw

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Sep 1776 listing 9/7/1776 Bald Head HM Sloop Cruizer; HM Sloop Falcon; HM Sloop Scorpion; Draw.

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