Bagaduce River

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9/12/1779 Bagaduce River; *HM Sloop Albany. American defeat.
/9/13/1779 HMS Albany boat captured. American victory.

Where: 44.3770214 -68.8158636 Bagaduce River

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  • Map showing the length of the Bagaduce River created by the Tiger map server, now defunct.

    Bagaduce R.

  • GNIS GNIS record for Bagaduce River 44.3770214 -68.8158636.

  • Norman Desmarais, Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Canada and New England, p.53. Ithaca: Busca, 2009.
    Whig scouts captured the crew of a boat from Captain Henry Mowat’s (1734–1798) HMS Albany in the Bagaduce River on Monday, September 13, 1779.

    [Source:] Journal of HMS Albany. British National Archives, Admiralty 51/23 – Captain’s Log No. 23 Part 5 (1779) p.171.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Sep 1779 listing 9/12/1779 Bagaduce River; HM Sloop Albany. American defeat.

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