Asher's Station

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1780. Indians killed & scalped Payne & wounded Phillips. Hunting party killed 1 Indian & wounded 1.

Where: 36.365026,-86.413575 Asher's Station

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  • Alderman, Pat, The Overmountain Men, The Overmountain Press, 1986, p.151.

  • Albright, Edward, Early History of Middle Tennessee, 1908. Chapter 19. Archive Downloadable pdf.
    Late in the summer a party of hunters were spending the night in a cabin at Asher's Station, in Sumner County. The Indians who by some unknown means had learned of their presence, surrounded the cabin during the night and at daybreak made an attack by poking their guns through the cracks and firing at the sleeping whites. They killed a man named Payne and wounded another by the name of Phillips. After scalping Payne and capturing all the horses about the station they started on toward Bledsoe's, riding single file in the buffalo path which led in that direction. Suddenly they found themselves face to face with a company of settlers composed of Alex. BuchanaN, William Ellis, James Manifee, Alex. Thompson and others, who were returning to the Bluff from a hunting expedition in Trousdale County. Buchanan, who was riding at the head of his party, fired and killed the first Indian and wounded the second. Seeing their leader slain, the remaining savages sought safety in flight, leaving to the whites the captured horses.

    After this the settlers at Asher's became so much alarmed that they broke up the station and went to Mansker's.

  • Carr, John, Early Times in Middle Tennessee, 1857. Chapter 1.
    Near the same time, a man named Asher, with others, built a fort about two and a half miles southeast of the place where the town of Gallatin now stands, and near the Buffalo Path from Mansker's Lick to Bledsoe's Lick.

  • SCPAPension application of Robert Hansley (Hensley) S4323, Transcribed by Will Graves
    This applicant immediately returned to Sullivan County on the waters of Holston [River], and on his return, he volunteered under Capt. or Lt. Fulkerson to guard the Indian Frontier, and was marched to Asher's Station on Big Creek near Holston River

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