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Andrew Doria - Racehorse.

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What: ?? Dec 1776. *Capt. Isaiah Robinson, Andrew Doria vs. Lt. James Jones Racehorse.

Where: 18.440852, -67.855417, Andrew Doria - Racehorse, ?? Dec 1776

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  • "History of Andrew Doria"
    ... Capt. Isaiah Robinson took command of Andrew Doria, and he took her down the Delaware on 17 October for a voyage to the West Indies to obtain a cargo of munitions and military supplies at St. Eustatius. When she reached that Dutch island on 16 November Andrew Doria fired a salute of 11 guns and received a reply-the first salute to an American flag on board an American warship in a foreign Port [Subsequently disavowed by the Dutch under British pressure; governor recalled].

    When the brig had loaded her cargo, she got underway for Philadelphia. While sailing past Puerto Rico on her homeward voyage, Andrew Doria fought the Royal Navy's 12-gun sloop of war Racehorse in a two-hour battle which ended when the British warship struck her colors. Robinson placed an American crew on board the prize with orders to take her to Philadelphia where she arrived early in January 1777. She was purchased by the Continental Navy and renamed Surprize.

  • Archive "USS Andrew Doria (1775)": "She was part of the first amphibious operation in the taking of Fort Montague as part of Esek Hopkins' fleet. She was captained by Nicholas Biddle. After the taking of Fort Montague, she became the fleet's hospital ship after the other ships had an outbreak of smallpox. Andrew Doria was not affected as its crew had been inoculated."

  • Archive USS Andrew Doria (1775): "HBMS Racehorse, built in 1775, was captured by the Continental Navy brig Andrew Doria, Capt. Isaiah Robinson in command, in December 1776 off Puerto Rico and sailed to Philadelphia where she was taken into the Continental Navy."

  • Archive "Isaiah Robinson": "Upon the return voyage in late November, he captured the British 12-gun sloop-of-war Racehorse after a 2-hour engagement near Puerto Rico."

  • Archive "Racehorse": "As a schooner commanded by Lieut. James Jones she was captured by the American Andrea Doria,14, in December 1776 and destroyed by Royal Navy ships in the Delaware in November 1777. "

  • Archive "Naval Battles 1776-1800", map. Basis for site selection.

  • "Sailing Navies: Chronology - 1775 to 1799". Not listed.

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