Ancrum's Plantation.

What: Thomas Sumter campsite, April 1781

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Where: 33.972922, -81.025487

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  • NBBAS:Three P. 269
    Vaudantís Old Field, South Carolina [i]
    1 June 1781

    Around the first of June Sumter sent Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hampton and Colonel Charles Myddleton south from Ancrumís Plantation. Sumter wrote Greene that he had given Hampton the "disaffected Orangeburgers." They were to engage any enemy who was attempting to relieve the siege at Fort Ninety Six. Hampton defeated a force of fifty South Carolina Royalists at Vaudantís Old field, under the command of Ensign Henry Livingstone. Hampton "killed several" including Ensign Livingstone. He also "made some prisoners, took a number of negroes, and thirty odd fine horses".

    [i] Also known as Weaverís Old Field. There is not a lot of information on these small skirmishes with Rawdonís relief force. It is mentioned in dispatches by Sumter and is in Draperís Sumter Papers. Sumter mentions that it happened west of the Congaree and Santee Rivers

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