Altamaha River.

What: Skirmish, *Maj. Moore vs. Capt. Donald Cameron, 12 April 1782

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Where: 31.65524, -81.82715, Altamaha River

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  • Altamahar R

  • NBBAS:Four. p.54-55.:
    Altamaha River, Georgia
    Siege of Savannah
    12 April 1782

    On January 12th Major General Anthony Wayne crossed the Savannah River with 100 of Colonel Anthony White’s dragoons and a detachment of artillery. Their mission was to restore United States authority in Georgia. Wayne was joined by 300 mounted infantry of Sumter’s Brigade under the command of Colonel Wade Hampton and 170 Georgia militia under the command of Colonel James Jackson.

    Wayne aggressively attacked the British, though they had superior numbers. Due to this the British thought they were being surrounded by a much larger force. Wayne easily drove the British outposts back to Savannah, but he was not strong enough to take the city. Wayne sent slaves along the British perimeter, enticing the soldiers there to desert and convincing them that they were outnumbered.

    Brigadier General Alured Clarke had withdrawn before Wayne leaving behind nothing of any use. He ordered a "scorched earth policy" burning the outposts and anything his soldiers could not carry back to Savannah. Clarke called upon his Indian allies for reinforcements.

    Colonel Thomas Brown was expecting a contingent of Upper Creeks led by Emistisiguo to join Clarke in Savannah. Brown sent Captain Donald Cameron and thirty-two of his Rangers to a crossing on the Altamaha to find the Creeks. With Cameron were some Choctaw warriors. Major Francis Moore of Wayne’s Army discovered Cameron’s force as they were crossing the River. Moore’s 2nd Georgia Battalion drove Cameron back to Savannah but Major Moore was killed in the fight.

  • Note relationship of Altamaha crossing with St. Catherine Island in both maps:

    1780 map from Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography (from PJO):


    "Carte de la Nouvelle Georgie, 1764 map


  • PJO:
    Looking at old maps, there were two crossings of the Altamaha River, from "Creek country" to Savannah. This may be one of them, but I am not sure.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 4/12/1782 Altamaha River. Draw.

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