Allston's Pl.

Other names: Alston's, Ashton's, Austins, "The Pens"

What: Skirmish, 11 Nov 1780, Col. Marion vs. Capt. Lewis, at Col. William Alston's Plantation, aka "The Pens"

Where: 33.388460,-79.276649

Maps: [map notes]

  • NBBAS:Two, p.362.
    Marion concealed his force in the swamp north of town, at a location near Alston’s Plantation that became known as The Camp. He sent Peter Horry and his horsemen across White’s bridge [i] on a reconnaissance towards the Black River. He sent Captain John Melton to the Sampit road. With Melton was Marion’s nephew, Lieutenant Gabriel Marion.

    At White’s Plantation Horry’s force found Captain James "Otterskin" Lewis’s Loyalists killing cattle. There was a short hot fight, then the Loyalists fled. Captain Melton’s patrol was moving down the Sampit Road, when he learned of a Loyalist party camping at The Pens, another plantation of Colonel William Alston.[ii] As Melton’s horsemen were passing through a dense swamp, they stumbled onto Captain Barfield and his Loyalist troop. Both sides fired at the same time. Barfield took a load of buckshot in his face and was killed. His brother Jesse Barefield was wounded. Gabriel Marion’s horse was killed. The Loyalists seized Gabriel, and began clubbing him with their muskets until he was knocked senseless. When he was recognized as the nephew of Francis Marion, a mulatto named Sweat put a musket against Gabriel’s chest and fired a load of buckshot into his heart, killing him instantly. The barrel was so close that it set his linen shirt on fire.

    [i] White’s Plantation and White’s Bridge is located west of Georgetown, where US 17A crosses White’s Creek.
    [ii] Alston’s Plantation is located 1 mile northeast of Georgetown, at the end of Indigo Avenue

  • Cook 1773 snippet:


  • Mills Georgetown 1820 snippet:


  • Sherman, "Calendar..." . Find 15 November 1780.

  • RevWar75  listing. 15 November.
Conjecturally, I have opted for the Allston Plantation immediately to the north of Georgetown as shown on the 1820 Mill Atlas map. It may well be that the correct site is that shown to the northeast of town on Cooks 1773 map.

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