Allegheny River, Upper

Other names: Upper Seneca Towns, Brodhead's Expedition

8/11 - 9/14/1779. 10 Upper Seneca towns burned including Yoghroonwago (EB)

Where: 42.158693 -78.747855 Allegheny River, Upper

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  • Map of Allegheny River created with Tiger map server (now defunct). Area of interest is that east of Jamestown.

    Allegheny R

  • Location used for Yoghroonwago. Cattaraugus County NY. Location basis. Nine other Upper Seneca Towns (including Mingo, Muncie towns) also burned, names unknown when this was compiled.

  • Desmarais, Norman, The Guide to the American Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, And North Carolina. p.13-14. Ithaca: Busca, Inc., 2011.
    8/15/1779 Thompson's Island. American victory.
    The expedition continued without opposition and burned 10 Mingo, Muncie, and Seneca villages (a total of 165 dwellings) situated nearly 200 miles above Fort Pitt, and 500 acres of corn. They also confiscated articles valued at $3,000.
  • Conover, George S., compiler Archive Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations Indians in 1779.., Auburn NY: Knapp, Peck & Thomason, 1887, p.308, suggested by Elvin Birth.
    At the upper Seneca Towns we found a painted image or War post, clothed in Dog skin, & John Montour told me this Town was called Yoghroonwago, besides this we found seven other Towns, consisting in the whole of one hundred and thirty Houses, some of which were large enough. for the accommodation of three or four Indian families. The Troops remained on the ground three whole days destroying the Towns & Corn Fields. I never saw finer Corn altho' it was planted much thicker than is common with our Farmers. The quantity of Corn and other vegetables destroyed at the several Towns, from the best accounts I can collect from the officers employed to destroy it, must certainly exceed five hundred acres which is the lowest estimate, and the plunder is estimated at 3o m. Dollars*


    * Meaning probably $30,000. [$3000- JR]

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  • Aug 1779 listing:
    8/11 - 9/14/1779 Brodhead's Expedition against the Indians. American victory.
    8/15/1779 Upper Allegheny River. American victory.

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