Adam Goudelock house

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After Cowpens, Tarleton forced A. Goudelock to guide him to Hamilton's Ford, 17 Jan 1781

Where: 34.911, -81.592223 Adam Goudelock house

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  • Deedmapper plot of Adam Goudelock land plat. It is keyed to Sarah Cook property which had stream identified as flowing into the Pacolet River.


  • Custom Google map showing the various locations related to Tarleton's route from Cowpens via Hamilton's Ford to Hillhouse Plantation. Grindal Shoals is included only for reference. The several Goudelock sites result from the problem in determining the exact location from which Goudelock was abducted.

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    Tarleton and his cavalry then rode several miles and impressed a local dragoons later showed up in pursuit and Goudelock’s wife purposely routed them away from Tarleton’s course out of fear for her husband’s life. This misdirection cost the American dragoons their quarry and effectively ended the cavalry actions for the Battle of Cowpens.

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