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10 & 15 Mile Houses.

What: Skirmishes, Wade Hampton vs. British, 11-14 July 1781

Other names:

32.901432 -80.026027, 10-Mile House
32.968120, -80.060099, 15-Mile House

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  • Mills 1820 Charleston map.
    • 10-Mile house bears 321.9, 4.233 miles from Quarter House (a fairly well known location).

    • The road north from 10-Mile house bears 336.7. A location for 15-Mile house can be projected on this bearing, distance 5 miles. This comes very close to the location of Vance's. Following the road from Vance's to 18-Mile house is a distance of 2.8 miles. Makes sense to me! If US-52 lies where the 1820 road lay, this probably should be closer to US-52.

    • The way this looks on David Rumsey's high quality scan:

      10-Mile House

    • The way this looks in OziExplorer with the poor scanned version I have of the Mills Charleston Map. The map geo-refs only approximately. Everything plots a bit to the west of actual location.

      10 Mile Ozi

  • NBBAS:Three. p.285.
    15 Mile House and 10 Mile House, South Carolina
    11-14 July 1781
    "Raid of the Dog Days"

    Wade Hampton had been ordered by Sumter to ride towards Goose Creek Bridge and harass any British posts in the area. He attacked 15 Mile House, so named because it was 15 miles from Charlestown. William Brotherton wrote in his pension "They had a skirmish at the 15 Mile House and took prisoners but no person was killed."

    Hampton continued on to the Goose Creek Bridge raided the next post, the 10 Mile House. Brotherton wrote that for a second time "no person was killed."

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Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley. Sites selected by John Robertson

Confidence level:
10-Mile house: 4
15-Mile house: 2